Monday, August 28, 2006

Professional Development Objectives

During the project, our focus is to:

To engage young students* in the learning process, as well as to meet Learning outcomes from a range of core and elective modules through the use of electronic media, primarily as digital storytelling.

This approach:

  • Capitalises on the familiarity this young student generation has with visual media as a means of communicating
  • Uses simple electronic media which allows accessibility for young learners
  • Provides the opportunity for students to achieve their 15 minutes of fame
  • Requires active participation in the learning process
  • Based on negotiation of tasks, and direction of story- ownership potential incredibly high
  • Allows individuals to be involved to their own level of ‘comfort’, but still with in a group context
  • Develops editing/drafting ethos- [with ownership comes the intrinsic demand to keep editing until satisfactory standard is achieved-this standard is set by individuals and group rather than from top down]
  • Is extremely flexibile- it is able to cater for all levels of ability, as well as differing levels of engagement
  • Adaptable to whoever and however many turn up to each session
* Approx 15-24 year olds


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