Saturday, November 04, 2006

Bega Technology Training Day

Just an update on what we covered on Nov 3rd workshop with Steven and Jo;

We were all GITS - [Geeks in Training]!

Participants were interested in meeting diverse needs, integration of technolgy into our teaching, community particiaption options, and to add another tool to our teaching toolbox.

We were introduced to RSS - Really simple syndication - and we are just trying to play with that now.

We were all registered onto the eCommunicate Group on EdNA and made introduction contributions to the forum.

Of key interest to TAFE staff was the new awareness for some that we can access our TAFE mail through Webmail - http://webmail.tafensw was looked at - we found the films that had been posted by the southern colleges so far - with 2 more to come [Cooma and Queanbeyan]

Photos were taken and uploaded to and I was really impressed by the ease which we could create learning/teaching tools or photo instruction guides - and I am most keen to do one of these in the very near future.

Of course we are going to link all of these tool sand instruction files on how to use them [supplied by Jo in the first instance], on the web page.

Look forward to your next visit.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Bega group talks about new media

Steven Parker interviews McIver during the Bega Learncope PD session.

powered by ODEO

Bega PD- Learnscope

Friday - [is it the 13th??] No - but we are trying to learn some new ways to communicate with each other.


Will seek to have more postings and photos up by end of day

Professional Development in Bega

Here we all are in Bega, exploring new technologies for engaging young people.

Team Photo

We have members of the New Media for Youth Learnscope team here with us, as well as new team members from Moruya, Bega and Cooma Campuses.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Learnscope Workshop in Nowra

Today I visited teacher from with teachers from Nowra and Wollongong campuses for some professional development.

Nowra PD Session

We had a fairly informal session, where we looked at a range of tools including:

Edna Groups and joining th eCommunicate 2.0 Network
Flickr and how it can be used in teaching and learning
Second Life and the possibilities for teaching and learning in a virtual world
BlipTV and video sharing
Survey Monkey

Friday, October 13, 2006

Learnscope Interview 3

This is the third in a series of 7 interviews reviewing the Learnscope "New Media for Youth" Staff development.

Watch the Video

Interview 3 in a series of 7 relating to the leanrscope SD run in the classroom and focussing in stage 1 on Film Making