Monday, August 28, 2006

Professional Development Objectives

During the project, our focus is to:

To engage young students* in the learning process, as well as to meet Learning outcomes from a range of core and elective modules through the use of electronic media, primarily as digital storytelling.

This approach:

  • Capitalises on the familiarity this young student generation has with visual media as a means of communicating
  • Uses simple electronic media which allows accessibility for young learners
  • Provides the opportunity for students to achieve their 15 minutes of fame
  • Requires active participation in the learning process
  • Based on negotiation of tasks, and direction of story- ownership potential incredibly high
  • Allows individuals to be involved to their own level of ‘comfort’, but still with in a group context
  • Develops editing/drafting ethos- [with ownership comes the intrinsic demand to keep editing until satisfactory standard is achieved-this standard is set by individuals and group rather than from top down]
  • Is extremely flexibile- it is able to cater for all levels of ability, as well as differing levels of engagement
  • Adaptable to whoever and however many turn up to each session
* Approx 15-24 year olds

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Welcome: Team Blog

Welcome to the New Media for Youth Learnscope Blog.

Our Aims:

TAFE Teachers and others working with young people disengaged from formal learning want to learn new ways of using new communication technologies to engage with youth.

After initial net-based broad research we will concentrate on one particular technology, such as mobile phones, video, or blogging which we will trial with the young people we are working with.

The young people will be actively involved in evaluating the on-going trial.

About Us:

We are primarily based at Nowra TAFE as Adult Basic Education teachers but our group also includes Outreach teachers, teachers from Adult and Community Education, TAFE teachers from the Illawarra, Southern Highlands and far South Coast, as well as representatives from the youth and community sectors.