Saturday, November 04, 2006

Bega Technology Training Day

Just an update on what we covered on Nov 3rd workshop with Steven and Jo;

We were all GITS - [Geeks in Training]!

Participants were interested in meeting diverse needs, integration of technolgy into our teaching, community particiaption options, and to add another tool to our teaching toolbox.

We were introduced to RSS - Really simple syndication - and we are just trying to play with that now.

We were all registered onto the eCommunicate Group on EdNA and made introduction contributions to the forum.

Of key interest to TAFE staff was the new awareness for some that we can access our TAFE mail through Webmail - http://webmail.tafensw was looked at - we found the films that had been posted by the southern colleges so far - with 2 more to come [Cooma and Queanbeyan]

Photos were taken and uploaded to and I was really impressed by the ease which we could create learning/teaching tools or photo instruction guides - and I am most keen to do one of these in the very near future.

Of course we are going to link all of these tool sand instruction files on how to use them [supplied by Jo in the first instance], on the web page.

Look forward to your next visit.


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